Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Ruby Begonia Tuesday

Monday evening I put in a little time stitching "Cluck Cluck".  I started the large orange star and another small heart.  I am ready to stitch something else, but am trying to be disciplined:

It's Tuesday, time to join the Garden Party at an Oregon Cottage.
Today I thought I'd show off some of the begonias I purchased from Log House Plants back in early May.

This is an Angelwing Begonia "Torch Red".
Angelwings were popular in the 1950's so this might remind you of your grandmother's begonias.

Not yet blooming, this begonia is called "Tweedle Dee"...which begs the question: Is there a "Tweedle Dumb"?  Anyway it is a dwarf begonia with very fine cut leaves and white flowers. 

Another Angelwing - "Concord" - dark leaves and white blossoms.

This begonia is called "Snowflake"

And this one is "Derry Wighta".

This is begonia fuchsifoliosa - I can't wait for it to begin to bloom.  The pink blossoms are supposed to be fuchsia-like in shape and form.

Another Angelwing - this bloomer is called "Dragonwing Pink".

And this lovely is called "Beaucoup Pink".
The American Begonia Society has a nice website - a virtual greenhouse -with lots of information on growing and caring for begonias.


Kathy said...

Beautiful begonias. They were always my great aunt's favorites. I remember that I would buy her one for Mther's Day every year. :)
Love th bright colors in the piece you are stitching. Adorable pattern.

debbie said...

i love your begonias!! they look wonderful in the pots! thanks for reminding me about them, i'm gona get some!

Diana said...

Lovely pictures! I discovered dragonwing begonias last year, that seem to do really well in our scorching morning sun, shady afternoon locations with super humid but no rain climate.

Linda said...

I think Cluck, Cluck is coming along nicely...I tried Begonias for the first time this year. They have to be in the shade in my area...I forgot what mine are called...the flowers look like little roses though.