Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Where did the weekend go?  Isn't that often the question come Monday morning?  I usually mentally replay what I did and what I accomplished against what I intended to planning I tend bite off more than I can chew.

And what with basketball games, and the Farmer's Markets, and the usual chores, I did manage a bit of stitching on "March Bouquet".  I finished up a cyclamen blossom, and a couple more leaves, and started two more cyclamen blossoms.  I am giving some thought to changing the DMC color used for the violets.  It is a very blue - I changed the colors when I stitched "Sweet Violets" - unfortunately I did not make note of the DMC colors I used. 

My Outdoor shots remind me that Easter will soon be here...
Bright butter yellow blossoms and cute critters - both signs of Spring.

Chip the Munk can't get too many seeds...

A pot of cheerful daffs...Last year none of the spring bulbs I planted germinated... I'm glad I tried again this year - I've been well-rewarded.

Bunny on the lookout!

Primrose - in continual bloom for over a month now!


Alisa said...

Your March Bouquet is looking lovely! Love the mauve colours!

Deb said...

Pretty colors in your piece! And love all your other pictures too. I'm not good with a camera at all and my subjects always take off. The flowers are so pretty - I wish that ours would come up soon.

Unknown said...

The March Bouquet is looking very good! Do you use a telephoto lens to get all your great wildlife pictures?