Friday, April 15, 2011

Buttons and Beads and Bulbs (Daffs - But I Liked the Alliteration!)

Continuing on with buttons...

I found mine on Etsy.

These buttons come from Thailand - it took 2-3 weeks but they did arrive!

I am so totally enamored with beads available at Moonraker Beads.  There are bunnies, and bees, and sheep, and ladybugs - all too cute!  She also has a fun blog (she cross stitches!) at Moonraker Lampworks.
Take a look - her stuff is amazing!  I've not bought anything yet, but it is only a matter of time!

I do have plants to pot up - I've had them for a couple of weeks now.
But the weather has been cold and rainy - so they sit.
Yet the daffodils bloom on...

This is Roulette - see the small black pollinators (bugs)...

and this is Ceylon - Notice the small yellow spider on the largest blossom.

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Melanie said...

Thanks, sweetie! *smooch*

I am so in love with those tiny buttons, it's not even funny. I had to ban myself from buying any more for a while because it was getting ridiculous. *twitch* I easily have enough to last me for the REST OF MY LIFE. lolol