Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things To Do, Places to Go, People to See

I think this weekend will be a non-starter as I've agreed to help my Mom with the last (last - that's important as we've already done this twice) of the Garage/Estate/Tool Sales to "re-purpose" 50 years of my maternal grandparents' possessions.  

So to sooth my soul before the invading herd (bargain hunters) arrive, I'll share my newest Cottage Color purchases...

And speaking of Invading Herds...

The Band-tailed Pigeons have returned!
These are large birds - 15" in size - as spring/summer progresses...
more and more come until it resembles something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

I'd have named them Ring Necked Pigeons or Orange-footed Boobies!
They wolf down all the food at the feeders in a flash - I don't particularly like them, but much the same as Starlings, there appears to be no getting rid of them. 

With the cool weather my pansies are most happy.

And their cheerful faces make me happy too!

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Crystal said...

Love your new threads.