Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cyclamen and Narcissus

Here's what the cyclamen look like in my Grandfather's side yard.  Given his lack of interest in mowing / weeding / watering the lawn, these guys have found the perfect damp shaded spot, and are populating at will.

As for "Bouquet for March", I've now stitched all the cyclamen blossoms and buds, and am about ready to to move on to stitching cyclamen leaves. Then we can do a compare and contrast with the 'real thing'.

The rain has ended for a while - Wahoo!!!  We will bask in sunny days and shiver in below freezing nights for the next little while.  The porch though provides a few degrees of protection, and plants on the porch continue to come into bloom.

Minnow - miniature - about 6" high

"Martinette" - fragrant

"Thalia" - fragrant - pure white

"Quail" - fragrant  

I'm really pleased with all my pots of spring bulbs.  A little time and effort in October, has paid off with probably 6-8 weeks of early, portable color and fragrance.  I am still waiting for one variety of narcissus to bloom, there is one pot of tulips that has yet to bloom, and the muscari are not yet at their peak.  So the show continues.     


Edgar said...

Lovely stitching , great snaps and I really like your header!!

Candi said...

Beautiful! I love spring blooms!

carol fun said...

Don't you just love stitching inspiration from the garden? Love the sampler and the flowers. Thanks for brightening my rainy day!

Fishtail Cottage said...

I love those Thalia Whites....i a need of more dafadills ~ i will have to write these down to order in the fall & love fragrant flowers! Thanks for sharing - i see you have a lot of pretty pots that are giving your patio charming color! xoxo, tracie

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Love the stitchery! My cyclamen are just starting to bloom and it makes me smile to look out the window and see their happy blossoms. I really enjoyed reading your entry.

Nancy said...

Great stitching and love the flowers! Never thought to put bulbs in pots to move around where I want them. Thanks for the idea!

Tracey said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog and look forward to checking things out...I too love gardening & stitching :^) LOVE your header; it is gorgeous!!

Jami said...

I so wish I had taken the time to pot up some bulbs last fall- even more so after seeing your lovely pots.

Oh well, hopefully I'll remember how nice yours looked when it's time to plant next fall!

An Oregon Cottage