Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rabbits Here, Rabbits There, Rabbits Everywhere!

Design - "A Flower and a Bunny" (kit)
Designer - Stone and Thread
Fabric - 30 count Scuppernog by WDW
Floss - WDW
Started - 1 April 2011
Completed - 6 April 2011

Here's a better photo of the finished bunny! Stone and Threads charts and kits are all out of print now.  I bought this kit on the secondary market, and soon discovered that there was not nearly enough floss to complete the design - the most noticeable problem being the bunny.  Fortunately I caught it early, and in my stash I had WDW Chestnut - a perfect match.  Then taking no chances, I went right to my stash for the other bunny color - Oak.  But that is my pet peeve with kits - I am a very conservative stitcher, and when I run out of thread...there's a problem! 

Anyway, I love the design, and it is a perfect Indoor reflection of what is happening Outdoors!

Tuesday morning I spied a Bevy of Bunnies - two!

Before I knew it there was a Herd of Hares - three!

Then it became a Legion of Lapin- four!

Does five make for a Rampage of Rabbits?
I think this is about the number my Sister the Gardener, refers to as
"A Plague of Rabbits" Ala Moses!

FYI the proper names of a group of rabbits include:
Rabbits (General): Colony, Warren, Bury, Trace, Trip
Rabbits (Domestic): Herd
Rabbits (Hares): Down, Husk


Alisa said...

I love all the bunnies!

Karen said...

Cute bunnies... both!

Carol said...

The bunnies, both real and stitched, are darling :)