Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Indoors and Outside

It's that time of year - here is a Valentine stitch!

Design - "Love"
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - 30 count R & R Flax Field
Started - 6 February 1999
Completed - 22 February 199

For all of you suffering from a surfeit of ice, and snow, and wind, and single-digit temperatures, in Oregon, there is a clear sign of Spring-to-come. 
I set out this primrose in late November (it was in a clay pot all spring/summer/fall) to see if it would settle in.  As you can see, it appears to be quite content! 

The rest of my Outdoor Wednesday post is a "Paean to Feline Comfort".   

Solomon the Fatigued

Solomon the Exhausted

Solomon the Bone-Weary

Solomon the Marathon Sleeper

Parvati the Prostrate

If you are in the midst of the storm; a cup of hot chocolate, a good book, and a warm cat is all it takes to find peace and comfort. Stay safe!


Tufa Girl said...

I am a big fan of hearts, especially for Valentine's Day. As much as I love cross stitch I never really found a sampler I loved until now. Very nice!

Kathy said...

Oh what a pretty piece. The Valentine finish is beautiful. Love the photos of the sleeping kitty. :) Looks so peaceful. And from icy, snowy New York thank you for the primrose. :)

Pointed Stitcher said...

I love your Valentine piece from Bent Creek. Beautiful.