Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Still February, Right?

What's up next? 
Well, it is still February and another heart called out my name. 
Batter up - "Wee Valentine" is at the plate!

After taking a short snow break yesterday, I thought I'd return to NW Garden Nursery - this time the trees are the stars.

Isn't this a wonderful bit of sculpture - I love the pruners in his pocket.

This Filbert was dripping with catkins.

This chartreuse pine glowed on a gray day.

This "ball" looks as thought it has hopped out into the middle of a path, "Please play with me!" 
A mature specimen tree - great structure in the garden.

Well I need to get outside and feed the birds - last night the low was to have been around 14F - extremely cold - the poor feather guys - and the bunnies and squirrels all need protein - I think today calls for some peanuts as a special treat!  


Linda said...

I like the heart cross stitch...but the trees...they are wonderful! That sculture is adorable! We got a cold spell here's 36 out right now...but compared to you that's nice I guess!Have a great weekend!!

Mouse said...

OOO lovely heart to do again ... and the photos of the trees and the garden are lovely ... nice structure of the chap in the tree too :) we had lots of rain today :( love mouse xxxx