Monday, February 28, 2011

As February Comes to a Close

I watched TV - "The Academy Awards" and stitched away last night!
It was a nice evening.  I'm famous for watching only one movie or so a year, this year the movie happened to be "The King's Speech", so I rooted for Colin Firth. I stitched away until the program awarded the top three Oscars and that took my full attention.

As the Oscars came to a close, a storm began to move in.  Lots and lots of wind - gusting to 40 mph.  Now the rain has come and it is a quintessential Oregon day.  Gray, with lashes of rain - pounding on the roof and hitting the windows - strangely I find it comforting - cocooning weather!  It does not appear to bother the critters - I counted several Quail and three Gray

Sometimes the feeders are even more active than usual during inclement weather.

At least there is enough for everyone!  


Alisa said...

Lovely stitching and pictures!

I am Angely said...

This was a quick stitch... I wish I could do that while watching TV too. Though I watched The Oscars too last night, I was cleaning our bedroom at the same time.... but it was a good night!

Deb said...

Great stitching! And the Oscars is the perfect time to get some stitching in. You can raise and lower your head without missing too much.