Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changes...Linen and Weather

First off - thank you very much to everyone who weighed in with useful suggestions on my "Bright Winter" over-one conundrum. 

30 count R & R Park City Blend

After looking at the piece in natural light, I decided to switch fabrics from 30 count R & R Park City Blend, and I am now using 30 count R & R Iced Cappuccino.  I think the threads "pop" a bit better.  I just could not justify all the hours of stitching only to end up with something so muted that it appeared as one with the linen.

30 count R & R Iced Cappuccino

A storm moved in last evening and it has been pretty much pouring non-stop.  I'll be interested to see what the rain gauge reads this morning and to look at the Pass Cameras - the Willamette and Santiam were to receive between one to two feet of new snow.

I thought I'd stick with my theme of February color for a  bit longer.
These photos are from a trip to London - February 2004.
It was amazing how much spring color was in evidence in mid-February.

London Window box - Daffodils, New Zealand Flax, Pansies, and Ivy

Purple Primroses - London

Yellow Primroses


Anonymous said...

Good choice on the linen change!

Peggy H.

Lois said...

The iced cappucchino looks good!

KathyEllen said...

Lovely "Collector's Heart". I can't believe that you have such lovely flowers in bloom already. We are still battling piles of snow in New England!