Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alphabet - Complete - All 26 of 'Em

It's time for a BOAF "Alphabet Sampler" update.
I'm patting myself of the back. 
Look at what I've done Mom!
I stitched all twenty-six letters of the alphabet.
I might get this sampler finished by the end of this month...

Two bunnies earlier this week. 

Glad to see them!
I'd gotten worried that we'd had some bunny attrition of the worst kind!


CalamityJr said...

Your picture encourages me. We had two bunnies, each one living in a downspout in our backyard until they outgrew those homes, then burrowed down under the back steps. I haven't seen anything out of them, but now I can hope they're ok! Thank you!

Robin said...

Congrats x 26! The thread colors look great on the linen you are using!