Saturday, February 5, 2011

Frost Tossed...Spring Fling

Design - "Spring Fling" (kit)
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric - 32 count Dirty Belfast linen
Fibers - WDW & GAST
Started - 31 January 2011
Completed - 3 February 2011

This was a perfect "carry along" kit - I finished it up during half-time and timeouts at the U of Oregon basketball game on Thursday.

Mornings have continued to be cold and frosty.

Look how I've puffed up to ward off the cold!


CalamityJr said...

Lovely - we need all the help we can get to remember that spring is hidden somewhere under all this snow. lol!

Beth said...

Spring Fling is great! I think I may have to get that series for myself. Thanks for the enabling - LOL!

Robin said...

Love it! Perfect piece to welcome spring.

Those birds look like they have been well taken care of this winter!