Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Morning Report

I purchased a GAST Limited Edition collection appropriately called "Summer Time".  The colors from left to right are:  Blackberry Pie, Ladybug, Saddle, Blue Sky, Outfield, and Thunder Cloud.  

I also was taken with some new offerings on Kathy Barrick's Etsy site.  The six charts arrive yesterday.

The outdoor cats have been enjoying the warmer weather.  I think there is no one more self-indulgent than a cat.

We have several chipmunks living in our wood piles.  It is a struggle to keep the carnage to a minimum as Tom-Cat, pictured just above this photo, can tag one whenever the spirit moves him.

His daughter, Parvati, also lurks in the tall grass...waiting, waiting.

BTW - last night as our family project we fenced off the front porch in an effort to thwart the deer.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.

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