Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunny Saturday?

Fabric Purchases

How is it that no matter how big one's stash, one never has the fabric needed for a new start?  In an effort to remedy that short-coming, I purchased some linen which arrived yesterday.  I have a nice selection now including 18th Century Stone from R & R, Straw from WDW, Coffee Bean, Tumbleweed, Flax, Clay, French Lace, and Light Mocha.  Now I'm ready for most anything, right?


It is supposed to be about 80 degrees today, but thus far you'd not think it possible.  It is a cool - almost cold, grey morning.  I will hope for the best as today is the final day of the NCAA Track and Field Championships and there are also oodles of School Graduation parties and events!

Matthew High School Graduation Photo

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