Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Hen - From the Cross Stitch Archives - Friday Post

Design - "Hens at Work"
Chart - "Spring Bunnies I" #182
Designer - The Cricket Collection
Fabric - Don't remember
Started - Don't remember - maybe in 1999
Completed - Don't remember

And here is the framed piece!


carol fun said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it. This piece with the polka dot egg is too cute and your Wee Chicken piece tickles me no end. I have to get a copy of this chart since I've very very partial to polka dot chickens. (check out my blog and you'll understand my craziness)

Beth said...

Thanks Carol - I certainly will check out your blog! More chickens yet to come!

Elaine said...

Just found your blog too - love your chicken!

Lexa said...

I have never seen that framed chicken in my life. As your sister I must ask, is it really yours or did you just steal it from someone ? :)

Beth said...

Ha! It's mine, it's mine, it's mine and I pqid really good money to get it framed!