Thursday, September 16, 2021

A New Yard Bird!

I've made a good start on The Humble Stitcher's "Autumn's Gifts".

And late on Monday evening my sharp-eyed Mom notice a new yard bird for us. 

Around 7:20pm she was relaxing on the back patio and noticed two large birds flying overhead.

They darted and swooped and flapped much like bats do.

And like bats, they appeared to be eating insects.

We got to watch their show for about 20 minutes.  With the low light I was not able to take 'good' photos, but I did share a couple with an 'expert' birder, and based on my observations and the 1st and 3rd photo, we decided that the birds were common nighthawks.  They are a bird active at dawn and dusk with bat-like flight and are in severe decline.  Monday night was a 'high night migration' for Oregon and I expect these birds were on the move. They were very interesting looking and if you'd like to read more, click here! 

I did manage a more than decent shot of the moon.


Rhodesia said...

Well done interesting photos. Hope all is well, keep safe, Diane

Robin in Virginia said...

How cool to see a Nighthawk! Beautiful picture of the moon and a good start on your autumn stitch, Beth.

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

How exciting to spot a NightHawk during their migration. way cool.