Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

A Rufous enjoying Black and Blue Salvia.

Two Anna's.

Anna's are starting to out number the Rufous.

Male Anna's

Bright as can be.

Another duo. 


In profile.

Two Anna's

A Rufous.

Straight on!

Male Anna's.

What a difference the light makes...

...Yep!  This is the same bird.

Anna's hanging out together.


Rhodesia said...

Each time you have these photos it makes e wish we had them here!! Have a good week Diane

Robin in Virginia said...

Catching up here! Enjoyed yesterday's and today's photos, Beth.

Mary said...

Lots of lovely hummer photos, the brilliance of the male anna is just so striking!

Margaret said...

They're all so pretty! There was a hummingbird feeder at a restaurant we stopped at on our vacation. I immediately thought about all you've said about keeping the feeders clean for the birds. Hopefully they are doing a good job with that! Didn't see any hummers at it.

Carol said...

Always love seeing the hummers, Beth--those colors in the different light are fascinating!