Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Start

The Bluethroat is The Little Stitcher's Bird for September.
I've got the pattern, fabric, and floss so I'm good to go.

I still have a couple of young quail families.

This tiny, tiny baby chick got separated from its family, but has found safety and acceptance with another group of quail. 

Last week I had a group of turkeys come by.

I set out some food.

But the hens strolled off without eating.


Robin in Virginia said...

Glad the little chick was taken in! What great shots of the turkeys, Beth! Enjoy your day!

Mary said...

So glad the little chick was adopted by another quail family. Great Sept bird stitch too!

Carol said...

Oh, that little quail chick is just so precious! Love your newest bird stitching, too :)

Barb said...

That little chick was so cute! The wild turkeys are fun to see. You got some great pictures!