Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Walking on a Warm Wednesday

It's supposed to be 64f today- crazy warm weather for mid-January!
No excuses then, let's go outside.

The rose hips proved a pop of color.

Rose hips and raindrops.
That should be the title of a poem.

And look!  The pussy willows have begun to set buds!

Licorice fern.

The littlest of the creeks is rushing along full to the brim.

Mosses and lichens on a fence post.

Cladonia bellidiflora Toy Soldiers' Lichen

The forest is mossy and damp.


I saw this floating on the Quarry pond.
Any ideas?  The answer will be revealed tomorrow.


Tall grasses along the bank of the Big Creek.

This plant stumps me - I should know what it is...

Dorothy's Creek.

Hazel brush

A young pine.

Whew!  I'm tired - time to sit down and have a drink of water!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful walk you shared with us through your camera's lens! So many interesting things to see and take in!

RJ said...

Beth, I love all the beauty you find on your walks and then photograph them perfectly. Rose hips and rain drops does sound like a song. Great walk! RJ

Barb said...

We both live in such a beautiful part of the world!

Frances N said...

Such beautiful photos! You had a lovely walk today!
I have no idea what the white thing is, except maybe a feather????

Mary said...

I enjoyed going on your walk, love the snowberries and lichen. No idea what is floating on the pond, I'll look for the answer today! I cut rosehips and put them in a vase in the fall but don't like their little barbs! Great poem name...

deb said...

Gorgeous pictures from your walk! Another few warm days and those pussy willows will be popped and fuzzy. Is that a feather on the pond? What a beautiful image!!