Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday's Nature Watch

I counted seven deer the other day.

I think 2 or 3 of them are regulars.

Look at the delicate little hooves and the warm furry winter coat. 

I saw David and Douglas the other day.

Only one chipmunk out and about. 
There is one rabbit, but I so rarely see it, so no photos. 


Margaret said...

You get so much wildlife around your house. Nice to see the furry as well as the feathery.

Vickie said...

I had to read that twice that you had only one rabbit!

Robin in Virginia said...

We have seen more deer this week although they are still staying along the tree line. Enjoy your Saturday, Beth!

Mary said...

Beth, I love seeing the deer, I have one that comes running to the house when I turn on the lights in the morning for it's apple treat. I now think it's a pregnant female. They are such beautiful creatures.

Rebecca said...

I’ve been an admirer of your blog for a few weeks now. I enjoy the pictures of wildlife, but mostly the needlework, of course! ;) we live in Central PA in the mountains and we have a lot of wildlife in out backyard, I wish I knew the names of all of the birds. I do know that we have one large pilleated woodpecker and one medium sized one, they peck on the trees when our feeders are emoty, its quite amusing. Thank you for sharing you pictures, I quite enjoy them.

MaryO said...

What sweet pics! The deer.....that face! So wonderful!

*Sonja* said...

Boah, what for beautiful picture of animals you have making. I am excited! I like also to watch after the animals in the nature.

Have a nice day.

Best wishes from Germany

RJ said...

Beautiful deer Beth. How nice that they come to visit. RJ