Friday, January 26, 2018

Almost Instant Gratification

This Lizzie Kate chart and Heart and Hand kit have been calling my name.  So earlier this week I emailed Friendship Crossing in Corvallis and on Thursday they arrived with a gift of a Sweetheart Tree chart. Thanks Ann! I think that the snowmen will be my next stitch.

It's nice to have two kinds of cheerful chickadees.
Black-capped Chickadee

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

And I've two kinds of jays including this California Scrub Jay.

Can you see my warbler?

Here he is! Mr. Reliable.

The Red-breasted Nuthatches have been pretty reliable too.

They are crazy for peanuts.

The other afternoon I walked over to top off this feeder...

...and the bird did not fly away.

So I put a few peanuts in the palm of my hand...

...and the bird flew to my hand, grabbed a peanut, and flew off!
That was pretty exciting!


Robin in Virginia said...

What fun charts to stitch to receive in the mail!

Mary said...

Oh Beth, what a thrill to have the bird eat from your hand!! Sweet charts!

RJ said...

Your new charts look wonderful Beth. And how nice to receive a chart as a gift too. I think it is really cool that the bird ate right from your hand. We are going to call you the "Bird Whisperer" RJ

Frances N said...

Love the charts! I’ve noticed the Heart in Hand one and love the colors on it! That will be a fun stitch.
I’m jealous of the bird feeding experience! How fun! I have not had any eat from me, but my cardinals don’t fly away as quickly as the other birds. Sometimes they’ll just sit and watch me-so sweet.

Vickie said...

All three of those charts are sweet. Your gift chart is one I have never seen.
How exciting to have that nuthatch eat right out of your hand!

Sally A said...

Yesterday I visited Friendship crossing for the first time and I love it,Plus had lunch at the bakery next door. Thanks to your blog I found a new shop.

Maggee said...

OH wow--how absolutely cool that the Nuthatch ate from your hand!! I have seen that with Lesley the Bird Nerd. You are the new upcoming talent for that skill now! Nice stash haul... I like the LK Winter one the most... it's been catching my eye lately! Hugs!