Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday's Reveal

Here's what I'm currently working on - Barbara Ana Designs - "It is Snowing Somewhere".  The sentiment is spot on, as it is not snowing here, but is snowing in unusual places like Mississippi!

Did anyone take a stab at IDing this bit of flotsam?
I think it is a Mallard feather and here's why... 

On Tuesday I was surprised to see a pair of Mallards quietly swimming about the Quarry Pond.

Looks to me as though they've paired up already. 

He is a rather handsome fellow...

...and protective - leading the way.

I'll check back in a week or so and see what's up.
The trail camera and beaver traps are all gone by the way.

Here's what the beaver construction project in the Big Creek.
I think it is at a stand-still which does not bode well for the beavers.  


Robin in Virginia said...

I really like your new project, Beth. What a handsome couple the mallards make! Interesting about the beaver construction!

Sally A said...

I just found your blog and enjoying it. I'm from lane county this is special to read and also a cross stitch, last time in Eugene went to 5th street, visited Mindy and she has cut cross stitch section in half,so sad. Sally

MaryO said...

What a great stitch! And I LOVE the mallards!

San Pedro, CA

Barb said...

I had no idea that was a duck feather. I love your new project. Barbara Ana designs appeal to me! They always seem like fun designs.

RJ said...

That is such a cute design. It reminds me of "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" saying. The mallards are beautiful. RJ

Mary said...

Oh, bad news about the beavers...the mallard males are so handsome. Sweet little stitch and I'd be more than happy to send some snow your way!

Frances N said...

I have always loved ducks. We have many where I live. I'm on a bay that leads to a large reservoir. The mallards are my favorite duck.
I am one of those who wondered if that was a feather! yay me!
We had beaver issues a number of years ago. They took down 3 pine trees in my back yard and dragged them to the little creek beside my house, that feeds into the bay. It was so strange. I looked outside and knew something wasn't right, but just couldn't say what it was. Then I noticed that I had a tree missing--literally--it was gone. I walked around a minute and something drew me to the creek. There it was, submerged right under the water! So odd.