Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October Surprise

Plugging away on my white striped owl... 

Let's take a look at who has come to the feeders lately - "Regulars" and the Surprise Visitors.

I have to include Chestnut-backed Chickadees as 'regulars'. 

I see one, two, or three birds a couple of times a week.

The Cedar Waxwings are 'regulars' too.  While they do not come to the feeders, they gather morning and evening in trees nearby.  

Here's a size comparison - the Acorn Woodpecker is substantially larger.

Evening Grosbeak!

These are my Surprise Visitors.

I heard them in the forest for several days, and saw them flying high overhead.

Then for three days running a small flock, topping out at three males and two females, came to the feeders.

I don't think that has ever happened before in October.

It was a nice surprise.

Now I'm back to hearing them off in the forest.


Maggee said...

A GREAT group of birds! I've got a Downy, m & f House finches and two Chickadees on my feeders right now, but I hope for more as time goes on! I would love to see any Grosbeak... what a great surprise to get Evening Grosbeaks! Your pictures are wonderful! And the Owl is coming along, and very cute so far. Hugs!

LaNelle said...

Spectacular photos...nice surprise visitors! No surprises here in the north woods of MN at this point but feeders are VERY busy with my regulars I seem to have many more Chicadee’s & Nuthatches both white and red breasted this year which is great!!

MaryO said...

WOW! Wonderful pics! What a great surprise!

San Pedro, CA

Frances N said...

I like that owl you're stitching!!
I love your surprise visitor! Such a pretty color!
I'm going to sit down and email you a list of the birds I think I'm seeing!
I have enjoyed them so much!

Barb said...

Great regulars and that Evening Grosbeak is so pretty!

RJ said...

Fabulous photos Beth. I love your woodpecker stitch...it is going to be so adorable. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Mary said...

What a thrill to see the Evening Groesbeck! I can't wait for the bears to hibernate so I can put my feeders out and see what I have visit.