Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hummingbird Report

I know that some of you have been worried about the hummers in the cold weather. The good news is that I've seen both of my birds every day.

Here's the male on a gloomy day.

His head is far darker than the female's.

He thinks he is Lord of All He Surveys.


He is a vigilant guard. 

A bit of a gleam.

And here's the female after the ice storm.

I think this would be rather cold.

Don't you?

I like the curve ice.

An enquiring look.

Sometimes I forget just how tiny this birds are - the icicles dwarf her.


Margaret said...

Those poor hummers! I hope they are ok!

Vickie said...

It just seems impossible to me that the little hummingbirds are perched on ICE!