Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Cats' Christmas

Padma and Parvati get just one gift.

But it is the purrfect gift.

A new catnip mouse.

They roll, and bat, and lick...

...until they are well nigh exhausted. 

Then they guard.

I hope that you received one perfect gift.


Barb said...

Very cute! The 3 dogs at my son's home all got a toy for Christmas. Problem was that one dog kept stealing the toys belonging to the other two! She kept getting in trouble with my son. I got a kick out of the talk he had with the dog about not taking the toys of the others!!

Christine said...

Love all those trees! Thank you for sharing the pictures! Have a wonderful New Year!

Vickie said...


Frances N said...

There's nothing like watching a cat with a catnip toy!!!