Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Walk About After the Storm

On Saturday afternoon, my sister and I went for a walk.

Honestly I felt it was too dangerous with falling branches and trees to venture out any sooner.

Even the grasses became an ice sculpture.



I think this photo best shows why it will takes days yet until power is restored along our road. I think there is a tree down on the lines every few 100 yards.  This one is just to the right of the Big Creek and our driveway. Some of our neighbors have lost several large Douglas fir trees along their driveways and cannot leave their houses until that is cleared.  The main road is still only one lane in places with trees and debris blocking the other lane. 

The wreath on our gate looks quite festive though!

I liked this tree with yellow leaves ornamenting the ice.

A large stand of Ash trees line our Big Field.  The Ash are tall, thin, brittle trees and they look like someone took at hacksaw to them.

They had just recovered from the last big storm 7 years we have clean up projects for the spring. 

Ice and mushrooms.

I tried to walk the Secret Path along the creek, but got stopped by this.

Our leaning tree is really leaning!

This is the path our deer take as they pass by one of our Trail Camera.

The creeks are flowing fast - I thought there might be ice along the edges, but that was not the case.

And so my thoughts turn to spring...

...what might I be doing in warmer weather?


Mary said...

Utterly beautiful - thank you for these photos!

Mary in MN

Vickie said...

Holy smokes! The picture of the tree down on the line is wild!

Maggee said...

Ice storms are pretty dangerous! When it melts, will the plants and trees be damaged? I wonder where the 'regular' birdies go?