Thursday, December 15, 2016

Deja Vue - All Over Again!

I am writing this late Wednesday afternoon as I fear the power will go out shortly. The freezing rain began about 6am and as of 4pm has not quit. And guess what?!? We just lost power - thank goodness we have an emergency generator! 

This freezing rain is worse than that which we had last Wednesday.
(See the yellow hued male House Finch!) 

I could literally watch the icicles grow. 

Poor birds!

Look how thick it is.

This Steller's Jay looks as happy as I feel...not.

I went outside about 2:30pm to knock down the ice from the feeders so the birds could access the food.

The quail hunkered down - they settled for the night about 4pm.

I did have pretty good bird action as food was hard to find other than at the feeders.

I also took a broom and attempted to knock off some of the ice from this little Japanese Maple.  I am worried that we will lose some branch.

All the trees are heavily coated.

The pine needles are white.

I've kept the hummingbird feeders frost free - poor guys.

Look at our deer fence.

It's kinda' pretty.

I like the pattern of longer and shorter icicles.

Here's a Towhee.

The Douglas Fir trees are so icy they are dropping.

Big Leaf Maple tree. 

Hazel brush.

We will have to see what this evening bring...yet more freezing rain or we have the possibility of snow.  I don't think there is a 'good' choice.  The moisture is supposed to end about 9pm Wednesday night, but as the temperatures are to stay below freezing, I'll bet there is no school tomorrow.  


Jocelyn Thurston said...

Poor birdies is right, and poor you. I hate to lose the power. Hopefully this won't last long...fingers crossed. The big Ice Storm we had over 10 years ago had a devastating effect on the trees and even the deer population, so this stuff can be just awful. (Even though it makes beautiful photographs.)

Vickie said...

Oh Beth. I am hoping you can stay put today. What weather! It sure is pretty though.

Maggee said...

Wow--that is so much MORE ice! Hope you stay warm, and that the birdies can eat and stay safe! Hugs!

Karen said...

Pretty but dangerous. Stay safe and warm.

deb said...

It *is* pretty, but oh, the poor birds! Stay safe, Beth!

LaNelle said...

Looks pretty but I know how dangerous it can be living in MN we had -15 with -35 wind chill I'll take it before all that the pictures...stay safe

carol fun said...

Oh you have certainly been slammed with the freezing rain... it does look pretty but I know how dangerous it can be. Hope the power stays on more than it goes out... keep warm!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

The ice makes for pretty pictures but that is about it. Beautiful photos. Hope the ice melts soon

Barb said...

Pretty but NASTY! Thank goodness you are feeding the birds. It is clear here but extremely cold!

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness, that is my worst nightmare! Freezing rain is pretty, but no power is no fun! I do hope your power is back. I'm glad you have a generator!

Carol said...

Wow! Your ice pictures are amazing, Beth! I just love the one of the birdies under the ice dome with the tiny icicles--precious. We had ice yesterday, too, but then it warmed up and rained heavily and all of our pretty snow has melted :(

I do hope you have power back soon!