Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter Weather Advisory

Design - "Merry Winter"
Designer - Homespun Elegance
Fabric - 28 count Amber linen
Fibers - Belle Soie Silks - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 15 December 2016
Completed - 19 December 2016

I am readying this post Wednesday night with a forecast of snow / freezing rain for Thursday morning so I thought revisiting "Merry Winter" might be just the thing.  Hoping for snow as freezing rain causes so much damage to the natural world and is so dangerous for those who must travel.

No matter the weather, I'll be out at first light and make sure that my feathered friends have food and water.

I had a large group (18) of House Finches on Wednesday.

Oregon Junco

Song Sparrow

My current 'favorite' Sparrow - a White-throated Sparrow.

It's pretty easy to see why he got his name...  

...and the two small patches of yellow also help to distinguish him from a White-crowned Sparrow.

So far just one bird, but one is enough to please me!


Maggee said...

I will go check the weather to see if you're getting much bad weather! Ours is up and down, but just cold -- no snow! We have gotten below freezing a few nights... That is a huge flock of House Finches! I get two to three right now. This morning I saw two itty bitty Dark-Eyed Juncos in the neighboring yard! Couldn't get a picture, as their dog barked and off they flew! But they were very tiny! Hugs!

Carol said...

Love your Homespun Elegance finish, Beth! I've always meant to stitch that one, myself.

I heard about your possible snow--hope it isn't freezing rain. That is the worst!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

You get such a variety of birds visiting - some I've never heard of.

deb said...

Such a glorious picture of the house finches! And I've always had a soft spot for sparrows of all varieties. We're having a lake-effect storm here - could easily have a foot of snow by tomorrow night ... or nothing more than the couple of inches we got today - so different from the snowstorms I knew growing up.

Barb said...

I just love seeing the photos of the sparrows. They are so pretty.