Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bunches of Bunnies

When we have a nice day, the Hufflepuffs enjoy exploring.

Padma is still wearing his heavy winter coat.
There's lots to see outside - including bunches of bunnies. 

I've seen as many as seven bunnies.

With lots of new fresh green grass, they are very happy.

Everyone has plenty to munch on.

Almost everyone has a notch missing from an ear.

Those ears are ever vigiliant.

The back yard can get crowded at times.

I wish I had photos of the bunnies chasing each other.

How about a Bunny Behind instead?

Munch on bunnies!


Vickie said...

Sweet! I have yet to see a bunny. I do believe the darn coyotes are to blame.

Wanda said...

So nice to see the Hufflepuffs! This is a great time of year for them. I just love your bunny pictures and what a great shot of the bunny behind! It's so wonderful that spring has arrived!

Barb said...

Very cute. I am surprised we don't see more of them we live so near the woods. Stay cool! Our weatherman said it might get to 90 down your way tomorrow.

CalamityJr said...

The Hufflepuffs are such elegant kitties. I always love your bunny photos.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love those Oregon bunnies!

Christine said...

How sweet! Do the cats not hunt the bunnies?

Carol said...

Aww... the bunnies--so sweet. We saw two in our yard just last night--a rare sighting!