Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April is the Greenest Month

As my blog header for this month reflects, April is the greenest month.
The weather is fine, let's go for a walk.

The verges along the roadside a green, green, green.

The Nootka roses are leafing out.

The Hawthorns are leafing out. 

While the field is green and lush, the Ash trees will be the last trees to leaf out and the first in the fall to lose their leaves.

Tear-drop new leaves of a Vine Maple.

Osier Dogwood.

Even the creeks picks up the theme with moss-covered stones.

I spoke too soon!  Here's an Ash tree just beginning to leaf out.

And here's a native Dogwood.

Do you remember that the Osoberries bloomed back in early March? 
They've already set their berries.  The berries will darken and ripen and the birds will devour them.  

The White Oaks are just past the bud stage.  The leaves will develop over the course of this month. 

Willows leaf out early and keep their leaves late into fall.

The blossoms of the Big Leaf Maple are food for many critters and birds including Evening Grosbeaks. I heard several Evening Grosbeaks calling Monday morning, but could never spot them.  I am hoping to see them today.

So many trees, plants and flowers are green right now.  I will share more with you tomorrow if you are up for another walk.


EvalinaMaria said...

Looks lovely! Here too (on Vancouver Island) it is very green.
Evalina, This and that...
and Random Act of Stitching Kindness

Annette-California said...

So beautiful! The photo of the creek is so pretty!
love Annette

Vickie said...

Beautiful! Our grass is green. Not too much else yet.

Solstitches said...

It's such a pretty time of year when everything is so fresh and green.
Thank you for taking me along on your walk.

Frances said...

Your photography is wonderful, as usual!
Spring is my favorite time of the year!
Green is my favorite color!
Everything looks so fresh and alive in the Spring!

Barb said...

Green and beautiful!! I love that little bubbly creek.