Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Naturalized Yard

A neighbor has let her front yard 'run wild' for many years with wonderful results.

In the spring the Shooting Stars pop up...

...everywhere under her oak canopy.

The leaves of the plant grow in a low bunch very close to the ground.

She also has a wonderful collection of Trilliums.

The Shooting Stars give over to Oregon Fawn Lilies.

She has several thick large patches.

Have you ever seen anything prettier?

The key to this loveliness?  
Not mowing until August so that the wildflowers have had time to bloom and set seed and go dormant. 


Margaret said...

So beautiful. It always amazes me the difference between a park in London versus NY. (We were just in London again.) It seems they are much more into rolled lawns and big stretches of it. And this sort of naturalized lawn -- amazing. I don't get how these volunteers plant themselves.

Vickie said...

Oh wow. I couldn't imagine my husband, or ANY of our neighbors, waiting until AUGUST!!!

cucki said...

Beautiful x

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

If I ever had a yard again this is how I would choose to do it! (Not gonna' happen -- but I'd sure love to visit this one next time we're back home!)

daisy gurl said...

What a brilliant way to welcome nature back to the neighborhood! Beautiful.