Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ready For Snow!

I'm figuratively ready for snow. I've kitted up two more Lizzie Kate stitches - "Snow Fun" and "Ready for Snow".

The Acorn Woodpeckers are happy in the sunshine. If you look closely, You can see four birds in this photo.

Here's a look at two guys and a gal in the middle.

Project FeederWatch is going to 'yell' at me again when I report
nine, yes nine Flickers in the west end of the yard.

But it's the truth!  Besides coming to the suet feeders, the Flickers spend lots of time on the ground, working away in the grass.  I've read that they like to eat ants.

Next time there are that many birds, I'll attempt a photograph or two.


Margaret said...

The people from this project are going to want to visit your feeders. You are creating anomalies in the bird world with them! :D

Melody said...

Nice snowmen on deck for stitching! I agree with Margaret, the bird people are going to want to visit.

Vickie said...

Hey, the birds love you!! =)

Barbi said...

I am such a bird lover, I can't even tell you! I have two feeders that I covet in my backyard all the time. I just love love love them. I have only seen 1 woodpecker though...but not at my feeder.
Love your snow projects. Happy stitching.

Barb said...

Love seeing all those birds. We have to take the feeders in every night. The racoons have become a very big problem.

Maggee said...

Love Lizzie Kate designs! I have one sitting here next to me... just need to kit it up! I sure hope I get to see a flicker this year! It is so much fun bird watching! Hugs!

Wanda said...

Beth, I am loving your snowmen! Snow Joe is so cute as is Let it Snow. I love the Fat Guys so look forward to seeing them! I am always in awe of your beautiful photographs.

Pam in IL said...

Looking forward to see the snowmen. What fabric are you using. I have these in my stash, but haven't been able to decided on a fabric/color yet. I could watch woodpeckers all day!