Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pretty in Pink

We had a lovely sunrise Friday morning.

And I was greeted by an Early Bird whose colors matched the sunrise.

I was on Hummingbird Patrol all week long.
I continued to see my male Anna.

And finally, finally got to see a female Anna as well.
I also observed two hummers in pursuit of one another.
So I know I have at least two birds.

Friday ended with a sunset that was but a pale reflection of the sunrise.


Vickie said...

Such a pretty post. :)

cucki said...

yup so pretty in pink and such a lovely post x

Margaret said...

Good. Glad to hear there are at least 2 hummers still around. I was worried!

Chris said...

Sweet hummers. I have been catching up on your snow man stitching...snowmen are my favs.
Have a peaceful weekend!

Maggee said...

One of my two favorite colors! Spectacular! I am glad there are at least two Annas! Yay!

Melody said...

What a beautiful sky!! How nice you have a robin.

Mouse said...

we have been having some spectacular sunrise's here.. and I can never stop to take a pic as its on route to work ... *sigh ...
love the robin :) love mouse xxxx