Thursday, January 8, 2015

December Trail Camera Photos

 I am a bit late sharing December's Trail Camera photos.
The darkest month had lots of blurry night-time shots.

The daylight shots were overwhelmingly deer, deer, and still more deer.

I've had as many as many as six at a time up by the house.

I still enjoy looking at these candid shots.

And this is the only way I get to see any of the bucks as they shy away from the house.

This photo taken after midnight is a bit of a mystery. 
Is it a dog or a coyote?

Two blurry raccoons stroll by in the hour before dawn.  

And this is our best Bob-cat photo.

This series was taken on December 7th at 5:10pm.
We've had one more Bob-cat sighting in our backyard. This time about 7:30am. 


Maggee said...

I am not sure I want to know what is skulking around my city property! I know we have had possums, cats of course, but anything else... hmmmm... Nah, don't want to know!

Carol said...

Very interesting to see what goes on when humans are sleeping, Beth! At least you haven't seen any bears (or have you!?)...

Janice Kay Schaub said...

great shots, wish deer came to my yard, then again they would eat everything wouldn't they
ENjoying your blog

Barb said...

Seeing the bob-cats always surprise me.

Joyce said...

Always enjoy your trail camera shots. Thanks for sharing them with us.