Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do Snowmen Need Sweaters in Oregon?

I am working away 'knitting' a bright begonia-colored sweater for my snow guy! I can tell you the weather is so mild here, I'm not sure he'd even need to wear a sweater.

I am participating in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "Project Feeder Watch" this winter. The project runs from November 2014 through the end of April 2015. It is a "Citizen Science" project. I submit a count of the birds that I've seen at my feeders for any two consecutive days. I've done it a number of times now and am getting a good record of the winter bird activity.  

When I submitted two Turkey Vultures a couple of days ago, the form asked me for more details including photographic proof because the Turkey Vultures should be in South America.

But as you can see, they aren't. Instead they're perched atop the Acorn Woodpeckers' granary tree. My theory is that they are here out of season because it is a very mild winter. 

Here's further proof of our mild weather!

I don't normally see many Robins in the winter, but I've had 15-20 each morning and evening the past couple of weeks.

I also have a group of six Mourning Doves.

The birds I've not see much of are the House Finches.
This photo shows a Pine Siskin in the front and the male House to the right.

As winter progresses, there is more and more Chickadee activity.

I am hoping that they Chestnut-backed Chickadees show up too.

I took a short walk yesterday, and heard this Song Sparrow twittering away. With the great protective coloring, I'd not have seen the birth otherwise.

This was my best 'find' of the walk. Once again I heard the bird before I 'found' it.  

Brown Creepers have a marvelous curved bill perfect for working away at insects on large trees.

And when I came home, what should I see but a flock of six Bushtits. 
I think they win the Cutest Bird In the Backyard Award!


Margaret said...

So many different birds! It's cool that you can hear a bird and then spot it from its song.

Vickie said...

Yes! I HAVE noticed your birds, and how different it is to see them at this time! Yuck to the turkey vultures though. They are not good lookers.;)

llknbillburg said...

Fabulous birding!! How lucky you are to have seen that creeper! Laura

Pondside said...

I've never seen a Brown Creeper. I wonder if they come this far north?
As for the sweatered snowman - perhaps a rain coat would be more appropriate!

Maggee said...

WE also have not had much hard winter weather to speak of, so I saw robins on the weekend too. It's been raining all week, and today is the first dry day... should have lots more visitors. I vote for no, he doesn't need a sweater! Hugs!


Wellll--my snowman needs his sweater and a coat and lots of warm stuff here in NY this week--temp during the day has not gotten over 25--but then add in a wind chill factor and my snowmen don't have to worry about melting either!!
Love, all the bird photos and I live just half hour from Cornell!!
smiles, diandmissgracie

Carol said...

How nice to be having such a mild winter, Beth--it's been a while since we've been above freezing here! Love your new snowman--such a pretty colored sweater :)

craftingpaws said...

Love the snowman, he is looking great!
You have so many wonderful birds and your pictures are amazing!

Frances N said...

Cute, cute snowman, and I know he loves his sweater and scarf!!!
You sure have the biggest variety of birds I've ever seen!!! There is never a dull "bird moment" with you!!! Love them!

Pam in IL said...

Your snowman would need a parka if he were here! Love seeing all your birds and I agree -- the Bushtit is the cutest little bird.

Catherine said...

Cute stitches! And your birds always make me smile!

Barb said...

I love seeing all your birds. We are seeing lots of chickadees, both kinds! And to answer your question, no, the snowman does not need a sweater. In fact, mine are mostly sitting in my drawer!

Mouse said...

love the fact you had to provide photos of proof .... love all the different species that you find in your yard ... I saw my wee robin the other day but sadly too quick to take a photo ...
and yes this snowman needs a sweater its freezing here love mouse xxxxx

Melody said...

It is nice you are having such a mild winter. The birds are great. And, I bet your snowman would melt...let alone not needing a sweater.

Melanie said...

Just love all the photos! The chickadees are the cutest birds I get but that's only because there no bushtits here. Because clearly he IS the cutest.

Andrea said...

Ahhh I do like the chickadees. Your snowman looks very jolly in his pink jumper!