Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Weekly Bird Count

"My name is Thomas Audubon Cat, and I'll be leading our Avian Tour today."

"First up, Anna's Hummingbirds."

"As more and more plants come into bloom...

...we see more and more of these pesky charming pollinators."

"Our latest Evening Grosbeak count - three pairs." 

"Lots of irksome pretty House Finches in the area." 

"My staff humans were most excited to see a couple of Cedar Waxwings."

"I myself am All About Quail - there's something predatorally wonderful charming about these birds - they only fly when scared spitless by my covert stalking startled."

"There are Gold Finches everywhere.  Time for some population control!"

"They seem to enjoy Niger thistle seeds as part of their repast."

"I've never been able to snag examine closely a Steller's Jay - they are too canny!"

"The same goes with the Band Tail Pigeons.  I can't get within 20 feet of 'em."

"Though the Barn Swallows have not built a nest on the Back Patio this Spring, they are hanging around - taunting me visiting old haunts?"**

** Tom-Cat Editorial Commentary excised by my over-conscientious staff- person Beth. 


carol fun said...

LOL -good thing Tom has some supervision and an editor! Love the birds! Your pictures are wonderful!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love the blue colour on the Stellar Jay, it's so intense.

Barb said...

Beth , what a fun post!!!

Annette-California said...

Wiping my tears of laughter. I have to go back and re-read again. You are To funny:) THANK YOU!

Veronica said...

LOL! Love it! Thanks for the Avian Tour, Thomas :D