Saturday, June 23, 2012

Succulents (and Such) Saturday

The U.S.A. Olympic Track and Field Trials began in Eugene, Oregon yesterday - and so did the rain.  We'll ignore the weather and pretend that Summer truly has begun.  Many of my plants think so anyway...

This Sempervivum is blooming... is this pretty little Sedum.
I don't know the name of this tender succulent, but it has sent up a bloom shoot - stay tuned!  

Another Sedum in full bloom - it's interesting that several different varieties all have yellow blossoms.
Again, I have no idea of the name of this tender succulent, but the bloom stalks are funky, aren't they?

Pretty, pretty, pretty Echevarias in bloom.  

More Sempervivums blooming...

...and off to the right, below the "T" a white Sedum. 

More white Sedums in bloom.

Followed by a yellow Sedum.

I'm also growing three different colors of Ice Plants.


...and red and yellow.
Sunny plants for rainy weather.
Hmmm....maybe I should tidy up / organize the Craft Room today!


MoonBeam said...

Love succulents! I just bought three Thursday.

We're still doing the rain dance here.

Have a great weekend.


Mouse said...

nice succulents ... I had one of those that you didn't know the name of but I can't tell you what it is either
love your planted up chickens too :) love mouse xxxx

Melissa said...

Oh I love succulents. I was telling someone they're like little pets, each with its own personality. I just bought a bunch and planted them a couple of days ago. Hope to get pics in soon.

Yours look really cute in their containers!

Barb said...

Hi Beth, Here I thought all your rain came up here!!They said our rainy days are coming from the south! Your succulents are so pretty!

Siobhán said...

Your succulents are so pretty! I have a few that are doing well despite being in my care. ;)

Lois said...

I love your succulents. I've never really considered trying to grow them but I think I could be changing my mind!