Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grosbeak Babies

There's nothing cuter than a baby, unless it is multiple cute babies!
The Grosbeak babies have fledged.

The first of the babies made an appearance Wednesday evening.

Notice the less than perfect haircut - feathers stitcking straight up.

Though as big as their parents, the babies still beg... 


We had more baby action Thursday and Friday. 

The babies can fly just fine, but tend to flit - one landed on my father's chest Wednesday night...

...another perched on me Thursday morning. 
This one has quite a bit of yellow and might be a young male.

This one has a Mohawk feather-cut.

The babies like to perch atop the feeders...and yell at their parents.

Time and again, it is the fathers who are feeding the fledglings.

All the babies look like female Grosbeaks - I assume that some are males and will get the more vibrant coloring as they grow and age.

"Dad - dad - dad!  I'm hungry!" 

I think we have at least three babies - here are two awaiting a handout.
Do you have baby critters where you are?


Carol said... adorable! I especially love the feeding photos...

Beth Pearce said...

They are very cute. That would have really startled me if they actually landed on my person - WOW!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh how I love the baby birds and their wide open beaks. We have a family of crows who visit daily and like you say the babies are as big as the adults but they still come with open beaks to be fed.

Gabi said...

How lovely these babies are. At home is winter now, and no babiy critters around. But we're on europe right now and while visiting a monastery I saved a baby bird today which had left the nest a tad to early. Poor thing was on the floor between all those people and frightened enough by all those legs that it hopped on my hand. I held it up for a while and finally it fluttered towards its parents to safety.