Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kicking Back

Wednesday was the first day that felt like Summer...

"The Living is Easy" says Porgie - I mean Padma! 

Though I've messed with the configuration of my birdfeeders, every morning a large group of Bandtailed Pigeons gathers in the hope of a Sunflower Raid.

I much prefer the Goldfinches.

I bought a small bag and filled it with Niger Thistle.  The Goldfinches found it almost immediately.

Most of our Evening Grosbeaks have moved on.  They summer in the higher altitudes of the Willamette and Santiam forests.  But for the last couple of years we've had one or two pairs linger and raise their families here.  I'm hopeful that this pair (female in photo with Goldfinch) likes the food and accommodations.   

We've finally had a rebound in our Flicker population too.  They were conspicuously absent this Winter.  Mornings and evenings they have dust baths in our gravel road.

And look who made another surprise appearance!  My Lazuli Bunting!
I had my camera and he was SO close - posed artfully on a long blade of grass - it would have been a shot worthy of the cover of Audubon Magazine...but he flew off before I could get the shot balanced and focused.  So this 'distant shot' was the best I could do. 

Parvati encourages you to kick back and savor the weekend!


Nurdan said...

Your cat is just adorable!!!

Have a great weekend...

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's so frustrating if you have a shot at a good photo and the bird moves. I love to see the flickers, they're lovely birds.

Shari said...

I love coming to your blog at the beginning of a new month & seeing all the pieces you many pretty ones again this month!!
I also love all your bird photos...I should post mine...I have been taking quite a few the past week or so!!

Mouse said...

ohhh so glad Padma is enjoying your summer and Parvati seems content too :)
and well done on getting some shots of the birds ... at least you are getting some ... my robin disappears every time he sees the camera ... think he is trying to tell me something love mouse xxxxx

Maggee said...

love the flicker shot, even if it is a distant one! Today I saw the squirrel near the feeders but he scooted away! Later I saw why! He was angry he cannot get to the other seed, and he got on the pole and grabbed the thistle sock and chewed the bottom out!! Needless to say, got to go get another one tomorrow! My son and I saw two black-capped chickadees this afternoon! Yay! Hugs!