Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Reviewed

Saturday morning the cats bask in the morning sun...

...while keeping an eye on this young Buck. 
Tom-Cat growls at deer - he must think he is a Cougar sometimes.

Here's a picture of irony.  We groomed the cats and set out the fur on our hammock.  The swallows and goldfinches were thrilled with the find, and were busy using it to construct their nests.  I tossed small bits of fur up into the air, and the swallows dove to grab them in mid-flight!

On Saturday I took a walk (just over a mile) to our local Community Growers' Market.

Though small, it was well attended.  Several people were buying and / or eating lunch.

This display was from Fox Hollow Farm and Fiber.

The wool is spun from Alpacas.

Is there anything prettier than fresh hens' eggs?


Tea said...

No, this is such a pretty photo of just eggs. Luv it.

Devon said...

That is so cool about the birds..and I love me a farmers market no matter the size..hope you are having a relaxing sunday..

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's good to see three cats together in one photo. Your comment about the birds taking the fur made me smile.

Julianne said...


Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

I agree that the hens eggs are really lovely!

Carol said...

Such pretty, pretty pictures, Beth-- I love the one of the bird! So glad to see that other creatures recycle, too :)

Barb said...

Beth, I love your new header!The nature and market photos are great as usual!

Annette-California said...

Lovely weekend you had. Love all the photos, and how neat the birds picked up the cat fur. Thank you for sharing.

MoonBeam said...

Your story about the cat hair is definitely ironic and amusing. Love the cats lying in the sun, the beautiful yarns and the simple beauty of the eggs. Another great start to the day...even if I am a day behind!


Melanie said...

OH MAH GOSH, the colors in that yarn! You're KILLING ME over here. lol