Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blue Skies and Gray Squirrels

 I worked on "January Snows" last night.  It's coming right along.  Someone asked if I'd planned to stitch all twelve in the series - the answer - no. 
I have stitched October Curls and March Blows.  I do have a couple of other charts in the series including those for February and March which I'll probably work on this year. 

If anyone needs additional snowmen inspiration, Gazette 94 has generously posted a cute freebie! 

Here's my weather and critter report for Saturday - Blue Skies - Gray Squirrels!

I'd not realized just how bushy their tails were until I took these close-up shots.
They are a nuisance - but they catch a break because they are cute~

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Robin said...

What a cute design! Always love seeing your nature pictures!