Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let it Snow!

This morning I have a finish to share with you!

Design - "More Snow"
Designer - Val's Little Stuff
Fabric - 32 count Mushroom Lugana
Fibers - GAST
Started - 1 January 2011
Completed - 4 January 2011

I just "tucked" it into a prefinished pillow.

I'm pretty pleased with it.

It makes a nice addition to my snowguys collection.

Even on the coldest mornings, the Anna's Hummingbirds come to the feeder to eat.  I've been taking the feeders in at night so they don't freeze.  I think it is remarkable that these small, seemingly delicate creatures can withstand bitterly cold temperatures.  They are amazing in that when their nectar providers are gone, they switch their diet and become insectivores.  


Julianne said...

Congratulations on a very cute finish. He looks like her's reaching out to hug his admirer.

Emily said...

I love your snowmen!! They're so cute!!! Great job!!

Cath said...

Lovely finish . Hope you get more snow , but please don't send it this way . ;-D

Beth said...

Cute finish. Amazing picture of the hummer!