Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold and Clear

Yesterday I decided to get out Birds of a Feather "Alphabet Sampler" to start working on it once again.  Can you tell that a cat napped on it?  Geez what a lot of cat hair!  I'll need to furminate it before I start stitching again.

This morning dawned clear and cold and frosty - about 25F.

A doe stopped by to eat some sunflower seeds. 

She has the smallest fawn - both have a heavy rough coat so I think they are managing to stay warm.

The landscape glittered this morning.


Lexa said...

The cat couldn't sleep on the project if the project wasn't left on the bed. - The cat's lawyer

Gabi said...

Beautiful winter pictures. And isn't it that cats always find ways to lay where they shouldn't lay? But with or without cat hair...the sampler looks great.