Monday, January 10, 2011

January Vistor

Design - "January Snows"
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - 32 count Country French Cafe Mocha
Fibers - GAST & WDW
Started - 5 January 2011
Completed - 8 January 2011

I love the colors used in "January Snows".  I'm having a bit of trouble attaching the snaps that are to be the snowman's buttons.  If I'm successful, I'll repost a picture. 

Yesterday I had a new visitor to the suet feeder.

This little guy never stood still - flitted around continually.

I've got my bird books out, but haven't yet managed a positive identification.


Beth said...

Cute finish and cute visitor. I really know nothing about birds, but you sure do have a lot of different ones!! This one almost looks like a parakeet - lol

Gabi said...

Cute finish. Loving it. And your wild life pictures are fantastic as usual.