Friday, January 14, 2011

As the Week Winds Down...

I think  that I'll probably be able to finish up "Winter Fling" today.  The snowman has French knots for his eyes and mouth.  I'm not a fan of french knots - I'm thinking he may get eyes, but not a mouth - the mouth looked "messy" when finished.

Here are further photos from our frosty Monday morning.

Mr California Quail is all puffed up.

The bronze bracken fern has a glittery white overcoat. 

The Junco would like me to leave...

He's all puffed up against the cold as well.

The Chickadee scolded me "Let me eat!  Let me eat!"


Kathy said...

Beautiful photos! Love the one of the frost on the fern.

I think the snowman will look fine without a mouth. And you can always use beads instead of french knots

Cath said...

totally gorgeous pictures as always . I am so jealous of the lovely birds you get to see . Maybe you could do a small quarter stitch instead of french knot for the mouth ?

Beth said...

"Winter Fling" is really cute. I'd go with tiny beads for eyes and a straight stitch for the mouth. Of course, that is because I HATE French knots!

Love your photos, as usual.

Siobhan said...

Winter Fling looks great! I tend to do colonial knots rather than french knots, because I STINK at French knots!

Your bird pics are amazing. I keep trying to get pics of a bird that is fascinated with its reflection in the side mirror of my car. He is constantly looking at himself. I told my DH that it's his avian twin, because he always says he's never found a mirror yet that he doesn't look good in. LOL

Have a great weekend!