Friday, November 5, 2010

What To Do...What To Do...

Wednesday afternoon was glorious - sunny and 70F.  I sat in a chair on the back patio - two cats keeping me company.  As we sat there, FIVE Tom-Turkeys came strolling by! No clucking, no gobbling, no fighting, they just quietly marched through the back yard and down a deer-path out of sight...and me without a camera handy.  The irony (or weirdness) is that my post of a year ago notes a Mama Turkey and her kids came wandering by on November 2nd 2009.  Anyway, continuing the bird theme, after the Toms left, a small group of "Commuting Crows" cawed as they flew home to their rookery.  That inspired my next stitch. 
I can't decide if this is "autumnish" or "winterish"...either way, I'm up for stitching "Crow with Berries" - the design on the upper right.  I've had it kitted up for a while, and now I can't remember what the fabric is...must research that further. 

With the continued good weather, the plants continue to perform well.  Last year we had a couple of hard frosts in mid-October, and I had everything picked up and "put to bed" by the 16th of the month...this year...not so much!

The autumn sage on the left is doing great and look at the delphinium's second flush of growth in the back pot...craziness!

I continue to hope that the frost holds off long enough for these two oddball succulents to finally bloom. 

Salvia mexicana "Limelight"
And look at my Mexican Sage!  I was thrilled with this when it sent up its chartreuse bloom spires.  I had no idea what color the blossoms might be.  

I certainly did not expect this vivid, shocking blue!  One last gift from nature.  It is hardy zones 8-11 - grows to 5'-7' and 3'-4' wide.  I have it in a pot so it is somewhat stunted - I'm going to attempt to over-winter it because it certainly is a "keeper". 

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blue star stitcher said...

Ooh thats a cute design, I think it's perfect for the end of fall-start of winter stitching. Who is the designer?