Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Saturday!

Everyone is watching... 

and waiting to see what I might stitch next!

What with a U of O Basketball game Friday night, and a Football game Saturday afternoon, I decided I needed a "Portable Project".
So I've kitted up The Prairie Schooler "Trick or Treat" owl on the upper right.  As I can hear the Great Horned Owls hooting again in the night, this is a seasonal stitch.

And speaking of birds...

That's my nephew's smiling face just above and slightly to the left of the University of Oregon Duck's green hat!  This photo was taken at the Oregon / UCLA football game.  Today we play the University of Washington - and it's raining...ugghh...Go Ducks!

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Garden Sense said...

You're so industrious! I hope the rain doesn't get you down.