Friday, November 12, 2010

Still in a Pumpkin Frame of Mind...

Another pumpkin called my name...or I was hearing voices.
"Hey Beth, pumpkins aren't just about Halloween!  We are emblems of the harvest and Thanksgiving too!"
So I said okay, pulled a square of fabric, the floss, and began to stitch!

For now we'll ignore the fact that the chart is titled "Trick or Treat"! 

This is Parvati Patel - the Guard Cat!

She is slacking on her job, as every two or three days when I go outside to look at this clay strawberry pot, I find one or two of the sedums/ sempervivums uprooted and laying on the ground.  I cannot figure out who the culprit might be - it is not the deer as they would eat the plants. 
This time of year the sparrows and other small birds are lighting on my pots and digging, and digging - I'm finding mulch and dirt everywhere (except in the pots)!  So I'm guessing a bird must be responsible.  It is most annoying.   The poor plants never have an opportunity to root before they are tossed on the ground once again.


Kathy said...

I wonder if the squirrels are digging in the pots? If it's the birds why not find a couple of small windchimes or twirly thingys to stick in the pot? That would probably keep them away until kitty remember that she's supposed to chase them. :)

Kristin said...

I don't know how to cross stitch, but I love the fall pictures!
Thanks for visiting!