Monday, September 27, 2010

Plaid Pumpkin - I've been Framed

Design - "Plaid "Pumpkin"
Designer - For My Boys
Chart - "Pumpkins Three for Thee"
Fabric - 32 count Vintage linen
Floss - DMC
Started - 13 September 2004
Completed - 26 September 2004
Framed - August 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that in August I'd had five autumnal cross stitch pieces taken in to be framed.  Well, this is the 2nd in the series.  I messed up and did not scan it before taking it to the shop to be framed. So this is the best shot I have.

Anyway, that aside, I'm really pleased with how "Plaid Pumpkin" looks after being stretched and framed. 
The young woman who works on stitched pieces shows great respect - there is never a wave or pucker when she readies a piece to be framed.

Sometimes the simplest of repetitive patterns can be very striking.

The gold frame has lots of interesting details.

I chose not to use a mat with this; figuring the cross stitched border defined the piece clearly and created breathing room between the pattern and the frame.

And in the kitchen garden...
the zinnias try to find daylight between the tomatoes and the winter squash.


Deborah said...

Your plaid pumpkin looks great in his new frame.

Annemarie said...

Another stunner. And yes, that frame is beautiful!

Chris said...

I have never seen this design before, I love it.