Sunday, September 8, 2019

August Trail Camera Photos - Dorothy's Creek

Here's a selection of August's photos down at Dorothy's Creek.

Steller's Jay

Cooper's Hawk

Turkey Vulture

Lots of deer photos - many of them around 7pm and so dark.
But this one was worth note as it is the doe and her twin fawns.

A group including a fawn.

A handsome buck.

See the bobcat to the right...and eyes coming down the trail...

I thought it might be a second bobcat...

...but it was a deer following the bobcat.

Bobcat kitten...

I assume for some reason the adult cat did not trigger the camera.

Two bobcats.

And one bear came by.

This is a good-sized adult.


Robin in Virginia said...

Great shots from by Dorothy's Creek! The doe and two fawns was a good one and I giggled at the deer following the bobcat.

Margaret said...

Very cool! So much life in your area!

Barb said...

Super shot of that bear!!!